Preparation of Irazo (Edo cuisine) using JDP beans flour

Preparation of Irazo (Edo cuisine) using JDP beans flour

JDP beans flour
Assorted meat
Roasted fish
Garden eggs
Pepper (no tomatoes)
Palm oil

The process:
* Pour the desired quantity of the beans flour into a mixing bowl
* Add water and mix well to avoid lumps (no salt added)
* Dispense into cups/leaves
* Bring to boil till it’s done
* Remove from fire and allow to cool.

For the stew:
* Wash the pepper and the garden eggs
* Bring to boil till tender
* Drain off the water and mash them together
* Slice your onions
* Bring your meat to boil adding salt and seasoning
* While boiling, prepare your prawns and wash, slice your okro
* Pour the mashed pepper/garden egg into a pot, add your meat stock and put back on fire
* allow to simmer for 2-3mind
* Add the assorted meat, prawns, fish and other “garnishments” desired
* Add in the sliced okro
* Allow to simmer for few mins
* Add in the palm and allow to simmer for 1-2mins
* Remove from fire and it’s ready to eat
* Serve with the stew, sprinkle a little salt on it and it’s ready to eat!

As usual, sit back, relax and enjoy your delicious Irazo.

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