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Eat right, Eat healthy!

Eating is a way of life because without food, there will be no survival. What then do we eat? How do we eat? When do we eat?
Eating right to stay healthy I define as eating with the right quantity of nutrients striking a balance between the different classes of food. By nature, almost all foods contain Carbohydrate so, we virtually cannot do without carbs but we sure can moderate it. The end product of carbs is sugar which can be neutralized by incorporating bitterleaves in our diets. Adding about 5-7 fresh leaves in a single diet won’t change the taste but rather enhance the food consequently improving your health, lowering your sugar level.
I personally make it a habit to mince or dice bitter leaves into my kids diets including fried eggs, pastas, pasteries like pancake, buns, doughnut etc and in soups. Give it a try, start early with your kids diet and wow You’ll see the magic in your meals.

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