How to use JDP brand of beans flour for akara:

How to use JDP brand of beans flour for akara:


JDP beans flour
Salt to taste
Garlic & ginger (optional)
Vegetable oil of your brand


Frying pan
Colander spoon


* Tear open through the tear notch
* Open the ziplock
* Pour desired quantity of the flour into a bowl
* Reclose the zip lock if not finished and Keep for later use
* blend or chop the pepper, onion, garlic & ginger
* Pour into the bowl containing the flour
* Bring water close to boiling using the kettle (but not boiling)
* Pour the hot water into the mixture until your desired consistency is obtained. Some like flat crispy akara while some like robust non-crispy akara
* Add in seasoning and salt
* Stir very well until it’s fluffy
* Heat up your oil in a frying pan (not very very hot)
* Dispense using tablespoon or any other spoon
* Fry till its golden
* Then serve hot

Sit back, relax and enjoy your JDP brand of akara with pap, bread or any other.
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