Powdered Pap

For your convenient pap, Akara & Moimoi this rainy weather,contact us, we will deliver as soon as possible at your doorstep.
Benefits of JDP powdered pap

    • No daily changing of water
    • No waiting endlessly for thawing if frozen
    • No wastage because you can quantify what you want per time
    • Very economical, it is shelf stable for more than a year

Much more, no chemical additives or preservatives, so it’s body friendly, healthy and natural.

Beans Flour

Benefits of JDP Beans flour:

  • It is stressless: no peeling and milling required
  • It is less time consuming: ready within 5mins
  • Can be used for different beans puddings: you can make exploits in cooking/baking
  • No chemical additives/preservatives
  • Its all pure and natural
  • It is economical, just take the little you need per time and keep the rest for latter use, the zip lock allows you to do that
  • It is shelf stable for more than a year
  • It’s a good and cheap source of protein; good for diabetics and ketones diet

Whats more? Your body will thank you, but don’t forget to thank me too

Rice Poundo

Suya Spice

1. Use like spice in stir fries, grills and sauces. Add to batters – everything from pancake to waffles and akara, puff puff and noodles.
2. Great rub on meats, fish and vegetables. Make homemade Suya Chicken, Pork or Fish Season whole chicken, fish, beef, pork or parts inside and out and roast.
Sprinkle over vegetables – carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, onions, bell peppers etc. Spray with olive oil and roast in an oven, flipping over from time to time till its brown and cooked.
3. Make spicy fried/roasted plantain. Works beautifully too for fried yam and potatoes. Toss diced plantains in yaji and deep fry for few minutes till golden brown. Or spray with olive oil and bake in the oven.
4. Mix with granulated sugar and sprinkle on Masa or Crumpets, pancakes, French Toast and waffles. Or toss warm puff puff or buns in same mix.
5. Dress your salad – sprinkle yaji over the top or add to your salad dressing.
6. Spread on roasted/fried fish, meat, garnish with sliced onions, cabbage, tomatoes to soak our very own indigenous “gari ijebu” (roasted cassava flakes)

Please Note: onions for garnishing should be sliced at the point of eating to avoid viral contamination.


Benefits of Yogurt

  1. Enhances Complexion
  2. Nourishes Hair
  3. Prevents Hypertension
  4. Regulates Cholesterol Levels
  5. Aids in Proper Digestion
  6. Lowers the Risk of Colorectal Cancer and Diabetes Mellitus
  7. Provides Omega-3 for Vegetarians
  8. Helps Prevent Yeast Infections
  9. Strengthens Immune System
  10. Supports Weight Management
  11. Quicker Workout Recovery
  12. Assist In Prevention of Osteoporosis and Improves Bone Health

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